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The Zionist Military Regime of Israel strikes again

I am disgusted to see the right-wing of European parties supporting the Israel attacks on Lebanon.. Even the TV-news try to mistify the reality by calling these attacks on Lebanese civlians as "actions".. Let's call them with the right name: they are criminal attacks against civilian, women and children..
I link here some photos and a petition to stop this crime..

I link here an article which explain the main reason of these (and other) wars:
Israel’s Military Industrial Complex, written by Sharon Komash

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By René Biasone

1) Icelandic dilemmas around heavy industry

Before the Kárahnjúkar project had been approved, environmentalists and experts warned about the dramatic influence it will have on Icelandic ecosystem, hydrography, and environment in general. Three years after the dam and the aluminium factory began to be executed, hundreds of experts and university professors have showed the negative effects of Kárahnjúkar project already has on Iceland economy and finance.

Today, without any thinkable logic reason, Icelandic Government and Parliament are planning to approve another big project in the North of Iceland, and the enlargement of existing aluminium smelters.

Many Icelanders are starting to be worried about this huge transformation of Icelandic economy, society and environment. Iceland is quickly moving from the most unspoiled country in the world into the most industrialised and polluted one.

Today it is a hard fact that more aluminium smelters will cause deep social and economic crisis, beside the complete depletion of Icelandic resources, waste of untouched nature and terrible influence on the image of Iceland.

This is a hard fact that no politician can try to deny it. No company such as Landsvirkjun or Alcoa or Alcan, nor banks or statistics can deny it. It is the reality of Iceland today and for the future.

I asked myself: why our political leaders keep on believing in this path, in spite all this alarming evidence? Is this an economic policy or a plan made by a strong economic lobby? Is it correct to discuss on this subject standing on different political positions?

The victims of this sort of policy are the Icelandic people welfare and Icelandic knowledge-based companies, besides of course, the Icelandic natural resources (energy and unspoiled environment), heavily depleted.

Why Icelandic politicians stopped doing the interests of their state? What can Icelanders do to solve the Icelandic economic and social crisis?

2) Political dilemma

It would interesting to find a reasonable answer of why Sjálfstæðisflokkur is in favour of the construction of new aluminium smelters, knowing that dozens of experts and university professors are showing how economically dangerous, risky and very negative is to increase the aluminium production in Iceland.

Why this party is still supporting of the construction of new large hydropower plants knowing that statistics from banks show how Kárahnjúkar power plant is already influencing negatively other sectors of economy and especially the knowledge-based one?(Marel, Flaga, Actavis, EVE Online, Össur, are all flying away instead of being incentivated to establish factories in the Northern and Eastern fjords). Why keeping on stubbornly on this plan knowing that environmental, economic, and social concerns are rising among Icelandic people?

3) Ideological reasons in support of heavy industry do not make sense

I had in my mind the following answer but it does not make sense:
Because the aluminium policy is the practical outcome of the Sjálfstæðisflokkur ideology called also proudly by its leaders “Thatcherism”.
The heavy industry policy of Iceland is actually the opposite of the one applied by Margaret Thatcher in UK. She let the large companies survive without help from the state in an open market, and she heavily funded education, because she knew that a strong education system would lead to increasing hi-tech and knowledge-based businesses. No such policy is in place in Iceland. Actually here the situation is completely the opposite.

In short, Sjálfstæðisflokkur does not listen economists and experts, do not take into consideration the negative effects on the Icelandic economy (inflation, interest rates, foreign debts), do not listen the concerns of Icelandic citizens (including its own voters) nor the requests of Icelandic knowledge-based companies. Sjálfstæðisflokkur even betrays its “Thatcherist” image of politics and ideology. So: why insisting on this policy?

4) Frightening doubts

The answer I found to be unfortunately likely is that the aluminium policy is not a policy, but is a plan imposed by Landsvirkjun, by the aluminium companies, construction and service companies (Impregilo and Bechtel) and international banks.

It is likely that this huge and powerful lobby is imposing the transformation of Iceland in a country with the biggest rate of heavy industries in the world, either by force or with supporting personal interests of Sjálfstæðisflokkur’s and Landsvirkjun’s leaders.

I hope to be mistaken, I hope this invasive influence in Icelandic national policy is following licit channels, but that is the only answer to this dilemma. I don’t know what the personal interests of Sjálfstæðisflokkur’s and Landsvirkjun’s leaders are. I don’t know if they have been corrupted or not. Maybe what our politicians get in return is “only” the assurance of keeping the political power. Or maybe both these reasons. What I know for sure is that their behaviour is illogic, and puts the whole nation in danger.

I ask myself whether Icelandic politicians who are supporting the increase of heavy industry in Iceland know what they are doing, if they still have the control of what is happening in Iceland.

These politicians defend themselves from criticisms by saying that “the question should not be ‘with or against’ aluminium production in Iceland”.
Icelandic people and knowledge-companies are not asking to shut down all the aluminium smelters and do something else instead. They are asking to stop increasing aluminium production; they are asking to stop making huge foreign debts for these sector and act strongly in others, more important ones.

Iceland produces already enough aluminium, and now is time to stop this trend, otherwise Iceland will be totally dependent on one single product. Icelandic economic policy should focus on other sectors, and devote the national resources (energy, environmental and financial) to other businesses. It is so clear, and yet several politicians pretend not to understand it.

5) Political parties and aluminium smelters

Framsóknaflokkur lost long ago its ideological identity, the only thing that makes me think to this party is that their member wanted to develop the Icelandic countryside, but failed because the situation is worse and worse, year after year, they supported the war in Iraq, and failed because the war was based on lies, and because the NATO base in Keflavík, reduced anyhow its operation in Iceland. They want to join the Euro but not the EU, and they failed again because that’s just not possible. Framsóknaflokkur as an ideological approach to aluminium industry: aluminium is good for the humanity, and the Icelandic people have to believe blindly without questioning whether is actually good for Iceland or not.

Although Samfylking is placed in opposition to the Government, some of its representatives would not mind to make deals with the Government coalition. In this party, those few Members of Parliament who are still in favour of increasing aluminium production in Iceland, are just leaving a door open to future opportunities to make a government either with Sjálfstæðisflokkur or Framsóknaflokkur. So it happened in 2003 when they supported the Kárahnjúkar project, but they failed because neither Sjálstæðisflókkur nor Framsóknaflókkur formed a government with them. The aluminium smelters have been, and still are, only a political tool to reach the power.

Frjálslynd seem to be against the transformation of Iceland in a huge aluminium smelter.
They care of the interests of the Icelandic countryside and the fishing sector and they notice that more aluminium smelters would cause only problems, would increase foreign debts and foreign economic dependence. It would be appropriate for Frjálslynd to declare explicitly what they think of the increasing of aluminium production in Iceland.

Vinstrihreyfingin - Grænt framboð do not hate a priori the heavy industry, it hates stupidity. Three years ago, this party has lost its battle against the construction of Kárahnjúkavirkjun because it put most of its focus on the negative influence on environmental aspects, and because the negative effects on national economy and finance was not believed. This party have been easily criticised by saying that “human influence on nature is inevitable, Iceland has plenty of nature, birds can fly in another place, nobody goes to that area”, and so on.

Today the situation is different, because people realises that economic & social concerns in Icelandic countryside have not been solved with the building of Kárahnjúkavirkjun, actually it worsened it, and environmental concerns are also increasing in the people’s opinion.

6) Bechtel, Impregilo, Alcan, Alcoa and Century Aluminium and International banks

I asked myself: how much would cost to Bechtel and Impregilo, to move all their machineries, leftovers material, foreign labour work in another country when Kárahnjúkavirkjun and the aluminium factory is completed? I guess it would cost a lot of money.

It would be much better for these companies get another project in Iceland. Did they perhaps “ask” our leaders to start soon with another project? I am not sure that they actually contacted our leaders and pushed on the Icelandic economic policy, but it is very, very likely. They would be stupid if they wouldn’t have done it. The question is. Did they use legal channels? How strong can their influence be?

7) Icelanders should not fear to show their opinions on heavy industry and aluminium

This entire situation makes me think that Iceland is in danger because it seems that has lost the control of its own power in favour to a financial and economic lobby which is many times bigger than Iceland.

I read an article in which was showing that the 1960s the World Bank supervised the establishment of Landsvirkjun, even by participating to its constitution act. Landsvirkjun’s constitution act, in fact states that Landsvirkjun should send periodically reports to international financial banks in order to show that its goal of increasing the penetration of foreign heavy industry companies in Iceland have been pursued.

If the situation is like this, it would mean that a state-owned energy company is depending to a foreign financial institution, rather than the Icelandic government. If this is the situation, the establishment of aluminium smelters is not an Icelandic political issue; it is a plan that comes from outside Iceland.

I asked myself what would happen if Landsvirkjun would stop pursuing the goals of international financial institutions and large companies. It sounds like as Iceland is under a sort of permanent blackmail threat, but I cannot figure out the reprisal against Iceland could be (Would they stop renewing Icelandic foreign loans’ contracts? Establishing an economic embargo? Pushing for moving away the NATO base? Or pushing for a diplomatic crisis?).

What I know is that Icelandic people seem not to have any control on its own natural resources and they are fighting against each other on the basis of political discussion. I have the feeling that the aluminium plan is not related to national politics, it goes beyond Icelandic power.

Alcan, Alcoa, Impregilo, Bechtel and International financial banks are united in one goal, that is to build as many smelters as possible in Iceland. Iceland for them is nothing more than a little rock in the middle of the ocean surrounded by fish, populated by few people.

To solve eventual problems caused by the opposition of Icelandic people against the plan of this lobby, a typical approach called “divide and conquer” is used. This lobby let us discuss and fight each other over the aluminium plan, hidden as a national economic policy, with the result that we will never manage to make our position followed by our Government or our Parliament. This lobby noticed that in Iceland is possible to govern without listening the citizen’s concerns; this is the most dangerous weakness of Iceland.

8) Aluminium proliferation in Iceland is a plan against the national politics

I read once that to export aluminium means to export energy, because it takes a lot of energy to produce it and less energy to re-melt it when eventually re-utilised. This is true.

There are two reasons why today the big aluminium companies are eager to produce as much aluminium as possible. The first one is that the aluminium demand is increasing especially from the military industry. Secondly, the future demand could decrease, due to new materials which could enter the marked and compete with aluminium.

It is not a secret that Alcoa is the biggest aluminium supplier of US weapon industries, but maybe not everybody knows that in Europe there is an industrial-university joint venture which is close to put on the market a new material, lighter, stronger and cheaper than aluminium. For Alcoa Iceland is the today’s opportunity, before the demand of aluminium will drop, before, the energy prices will double, and before hydrogen energy will become in Iceland an option better than aluminium.

8) How to solve Icelandic national crisis?

In my opinion Icelandic people and Icelandic knowledge based companies, should join their powers and strongly claim by all legal and peaceful means, to be listened by our leaders. Make our voice heard, very strong.

I suggest a massive subscription of a letter of request to the Icelandic Parliament, in which we ask to stop building new aluminium smelters and large hydropower plants, and to have instead a strong, serious policy in favour of knowledge-based economy, especially related to the regional development, and development of a good education system.

If a group of knowledge-based companies would finance the information and subscription campaign, and the majority of the Icelandic population sign it, we will have a good chance to develop our country in a different and wiser way.

I heard an economist saying: the more something is rare the more is economically worth; the unspoiled Icelandic nature, in global perspective, is going to be more and more rare, therefore, more and more economically worth.

This island is the only thing we have, is the only thing our children will have. Let’s do something to stop this aluminium addiction, let’s stop this vicious circle before it is too late.

mánudagur, febrúar 27, 2006

Attack on Iran probably in March/April

The coming war against Iran (and how to prevent it)

Recipe for Disaster
By Willem Middelkoop

The Dutch in the original article has been translated into English by
Ben Kearney.

This is the synopsis of parts one through six of this series,
supplemented with new unabbreviated information. Links have been added
only to the sources of new information.

The four following tried and true ingredients from Grandma's Cookbook
of Explosive War Tactics are a recipe for disaster: a preemptive
nuclear strike on Iran, possibly in the spring of 2006.

The four ingredients are:
1. A false flag operation intended to start a war, like Operation
2. A false flag operation wrapped in a war game, like 9/11 and 7/7
3. A false flag operation designed to divide and conquer, such as the
one planned by the SAS agents in Basra
4. Diplomatic and military preparations for the war, as with Iraq

Mix these ingredients together with a recent revolutionary change in
policy that makes it possible to launch a preemptive nuclear strike,
and your recipe for disaster is ready. With this recipe, the Bush
administration has begun preparing an explosive meal that they are
getting ready to serve us, perhaps in spring of 2006.

1. A false flag operation intended to start a war, like Operation
A false flag operation means that you execute a strike against your own
people and then assign blame to the enemy. The result is that you
appear to be highly justified when you in turn attack your enemy. An
example of this is Operation Cyanide, an operation that was devised
because of the U.S. desire to become involved in Israel's battle
against Egypt in 1967. The U.S. sacrificed a Navy vessel that
ostensibly was attacked by Egypt. In reality the ship was deliberately
attacked by unmarked Israeli fighters, torpedoed by Israeli ships and
shelled with napalm. Contrary to all expectations, a portion of the
crew survived the attack, and the American airplane that was already on
its way to Egypt to avenge the attack with a nuclear bomb was called

Given the many common interests of the U.S. and Israel it is not
unlikely that the blueprint for this operation will be pulled off the
shelf to organize a warwith Iran.

2. A false flag operation wrapped in a war game, like 9/11 and 7/7
Author Webster Tarpley feels that the false flag operation that will
precede an attack on Iran will probably be a consequence of a war game
or an anti-terrorism exercise. It starts with a war game/exercise -
complete with the deployment of personnel and equipment (thus not a
virtual exercise) - which resembles the eventual attack. Thus it is a
war game that during the game suddenly and without notice becomes
reality and goes 'live'. The most famous examples of this kind of
exercise that goes live all at once are the war games held on September
11th, 2001 and the exercises held in London on 7/7.

The rationale behind making a war game the occasion for a false flag
operation is that it can be organized out in the open within the
confines of a secret operation (after all, it is only an exercise that
is being planned), and at the moment that the exercise goes live, all
defenses are down.
Vice-President Cheney has already directed the division of the military
that plans wars to develop a plan for a large-scale air attack in which
nuclear weapons are deployed against Iran as retribution for a second
September 11th. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld continually urges the
members of his staff to take a second September 11th into account.

How to prevent this

By charting the progress of the war games and anti-terror exercises,
and by monitoring them closely, it becomes much more difficult for them
to go live. Author Webster Tarpley is one of the people who has taken
it upon himself to do this by creating a network of people who provide
him with information. Tarpley is asking the readers of DaanSpeak to
participate in this network by collecting specific information about
exercises carried out by NATO and reporting them to DaanSpeak, so that
it can be compiled and sent on to Tarpley.

3. A false flag operation designed to divide and conquer, such as the
one planned by the SAS agents in Basra

In September of last year, two British SAS agents dressed as Arabs -
complete with black wigs - were caught sitting in a car full of
explosives in Basra and then arrested. These men, along with the
secrets they possessed, were of such great importance that they were
freed in a spectacular military operation in which even tanks were
called in. The SAS agents were most likely setting up a false flag
operation with the ultimate objective of contributing to the division
of the country and the region. Thus it is the ancient strategy of
divide and conquer, the creation of a patchwork quilt of smaller
states. It is an old Anglo-Saxon desire - Lawrence of Arabia talked
about it. If Iran is conquered alongside Iraq and disintegrates into
hostile factions, the West will reign supreme.

4. Diplomatic and military preparations for the war, as with Iraq
Diplomatic preparations and a military build-up for a war with Iran are
already in full gear. The best example of diplomatic groundwork is the
endorsement by among other countries France, Germany and The
Netherlands of the treaty of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy
Agency). This is an indictment against Iran and could be used at a
later point as a way to punish the Iranians. Another example
(considered 'the strongest evidence') is a stolen Iranian laptop full
of computerized simulations and other information about Iran's sinister
nuclear plans. The story started to lose traction when news of the
laptop was received with skepticism, but ultimately fell apart when
former IAEA weapons inspector David Albright discovered that the word
'nuclear' did not once appear in the text, written in Farsi. Was the
laptop part of some form of psychological warfare?

Another such example of diplomatic preparation is a PowerPoint
presentation from the Pentagon entitled "A History of Concealment and
Deception". The title refers not to the war tactics of the U.S., but to
the alleged nuclear ambitions of Iran. A government official involved
in the briefing said that the intelligence community had nothing to do
with the presentation, and probably would have disavowed some of it,
'because it draws conclusions that aren't strictly supported by the

Military preparations are also being made. Premier Sharon of Israel
says that his country is making military preparations and recently let
it be known that he has alerted his army that it must be ready to
attack Iran in March. There have already been mock attacks carried out
against a replica of an Iranian nuclear facility. With the help of
front companies and safe houses, Israeli and American secret agents
with false passports are now setting up a material infrastructure that
will make money, weapons and personnel available by the time the first
bombs have fallen. Aerial targets are now being mapped with the
cooperation of Israeli and Pakistani specialists. In 2004 there had
already been an entire year of unmanned surveillance flights carried
out in order to trigger Iranian radar and gather information about
Iranian air defenses. But it is also an intimidation tactic that is
standard procedure prior to an attack. The U.S. is using
Israeli-trained Kurds to gather military intelligence in Iran and the
U.S. is deploying a group of approximately 10,000 Iranian rebels there.

It was revealed in the Turkish press that on December 11th, 2005 CIA
chief Porter Goss personally urged his Turkish colleagues and the
Turkish premier to be prepared for American air strikes on Iran,
reports UPI. The press agency cites the Turkish publication Cumhuriyet,
which reports that Goss warned Ankara of the enormous danger of the
Iranian nuclear program. A BBC reading of the Turkish newspaper Yeni
Safak has Professor Hayrettin Karaman adding to the news about Goss by
quoting the German press agency DDP and going on to say that Goss has
granted American approval to the Turkish government to seize PKK camps
in exchange for Turkish support of U.S. goals. Two days prior to Goss'
visit, Turkey received a visit from FBI director Robert Mueller. This
was preceded by a visit to Washington by Turkish general and Commander
of the Armed Land Forces Yasar Buyukanit.

It is said that several senior officers of the American Air Force
involved in the planning for the war are doing so reluctantly,
specifically with regard to preparations being made for an unprovoked
nuclear attack. Many insiders are under the impression that the war is

Mix these four ingredients together with a recent revolutionary change
in policy….

Since September 11th the U.S. has abandoned the policy of deploying
nuclear weapons strictly for defensive purposes. Writing about this
historic decision by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, the Washington Post
sums it up: 'The global strike plan is offensive and is triggered by
the perception of an imminent threat. Exhibit A may be the Stratcom
contingency plan, formally known as CONPLAN 8022-02. This plan includes
a nuclear option - a specially configured earth-penetrating bomb to
destroy deeply buried bunkers.'

… with Iran as the target...
In August of last year, Bush said this regarding a war with Iran: 'As I
say, all options are on the table. The use of force is the last option
for any president and you know, we've used force in the recent past to
secure our country'. A former senior intelligence agent: 'It's not if
we're going to do anything against Iran. They're doing it. This is a
war against terrorism, and Iraq is just one campaign. The Bush
Administration is looking at this as a huge war zone. Next, we're going
to have the Iranian campaign.' Journalist Seymour Hersh: 'In my
interviews, I was repeatedly told that the next strategic target was
Iran.' At the direction of the administration, the war planners of
USSTRATCOM are anticipating an aggressive act on the part of Iran by
preparing for a conventional and/or nuclear reaction - an attack on
Iran. 'In Washington it is hardly a secret that the same people in and
around the administration who brought you Iraq are preparing to do the
same for Iran', writes former CIA agent and security consultant Philip
John Pike, president of the think tank "The
administration has determined that there is no diplomatic solution". In
reference to the policy the American government is pursuing with Iran,
Ex-CIA agent and current security expert Vince Cannistraro said: "Its
very, very, very dangerous." Ex-Minister and head of the Labour Party
Tony Benn believes that Prime Minister Blair will also take part this
time, if only because England is as militarily dependent upon the U.S.
as it is: the Trident warheads will not function unless the U.S.
switches on its global satellite system.

... and the attack can begin. Spring of 2006?

* In December of last year it was made known that Premier Sharon may
have ordered the army to be ready for possible military action against
Iran by the end of March of this year. While Sharon denies this, the
Times (which disclosed the information) takes into account the
possibility that it is an example of campaign rhetoric, given that
national elections in Israel are coming up in March.

* It just so happens that campaign season for U.S. midterm elections
will be getting underway at that time. As a number of specialists
contend, a war with Iran would not turn out bad at all for the
Republican Party.

* On the day after the end of the Iranian calendar year (March 20th),
Iran will debut an oil bourse based on PetroEuros, not PetroDollars.
After the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Saddam's political, as well as
lucrative, shift from PetroDollars to PetroEuros was reversed. This
initiative by Iran is viewed by William Clark, author of the book
Petrodollar Warfare, as an 'obvious encroachment on U.S. dollar
supremacy in the international oil market', as noted in an article
dating from October of 2004, entitled The Real Reasons Why Iran is the
Next Target: The Emerging Euro-denominated International Oil Marker.

* The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System will cease
publication of 'the M3 monetary aggregate. The Board will also cease
publishing the following components: large-denomination time deposits,
repurchase agreements (RPs), and Eurodollars', writes Rob Kirby of
Kirby Analytics. He goes on to write: 'What strikes me as being even
odder is the date - March 23, 2006 - that the Fed plans to cease
reporting this data. Any guesses as to what else [of major
significance] is supposed to happen on or about this date? It just so
happens that on March 20, 2006 - everybody's favorite Middle Eastern
Nation, Iran - is scheduled to begin trading oil for Petroeuros on
their own "newly minted" Iranian Oil Bourse [IOB].' According to the
writer, this point coincides with the large amount of dollars held in
reserve outside the U.S. What if those dollars get dumped and the Euro
is chosen as the world's new reserve currency? Read about it in this
DaanSpeak article: Impending world-wide recession through nose-dive
dollar . Kirby writes that the ensuing dollar shortage would be
compensated for by printing extra dollars, but by then it won't be
possible to follow the trend because the M3 data will no longer be

* It is also the case that the IAEA will issue a report on Iran in

* The Iraq war began in March of 2003, perhaps because of the
temperature in the region at that time of the year.

* From The Telegraph (India): 'Top-ranking Americans have told equally
top-ranking Indians in recent weeks that the US has plans to invade
Iran before Bush's term ends.' This is not an observation to be taken
lightly, considering that one year before the attack on Iraq, just such
a meeting took place…


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9/11 'Smoking Guns' found in the Mainstream Media

What happened the 11th September 2001 in the USA?
Who were the hijackers? How many were there?
Was the attack to the Pentagone made by a Boeing or a Missile?
Why the the building WT7 collapsed?
Did Osama Bin Laden destroy the Twin Towers with the help of someone else?
If so who are they? Why all the evidence have been cancelled?

The list of questions on 9/11 riches more than one hundred entries.

Now it is time to read (again) and systematically the news released by the mainstream media in the past years, news which have been ignored and neglected by our mind, probably because we were still in a high emotional situation, completely shocked by the tragedy of the 9/11, and in need of immediate security.

Read again these news with an objective eye and you will understand something that, if it is as it seems, is more scaring than Osama, Saddam, the Talibans together.

Read these news in the link and ask to your cousciousness if we should stand the situation as it is or if we should do something for the sake of justice, for those families who lost their beloved in the WTC, for a future based on respect to life, to cultures and to nations, instead of the today's excalation of hate and war based on the biggest lie of human history..

9/11 'Smoking Guns' found in the Mainstream Media

fimmtudagur, desember 08, 2005

Don't fly with French Candies

If you love candies and cakes you should try the French speciality:
a hard fruit-flavored candy. It comes in different flavors, such as Watermelon, Strawberry, and Blueberry: its name is Bonbon.

Only one recommendation: please, don't fly with American Airlines with one Bonbon in your backpack.. the Air-sheriffs could misunderstand what you are declaring and kill you right there (and get a medal for it).

miðvikudagur, desember 07, 2005

Jón Sigurðsson would get an heart attack...

Alcoa Awarded Contract to Produce Aluminum Castings for Tactical
Tomahawk Missile Program

PITTSBURGH -(BUSINESS WIRE)- Dec. 1, 2005- Alcoa (NYSE:AA) announced
today that its Alcoa Forged Products and Aluminum Castings business has
signed a five-year contract with Klune Industries, a supplier of
finish-machined parts to prime contractor Raytheon, to manufacture
high-strength aluminum structural castings for the U. S. Navy's
Tactical Tomahawk missile. The contact is valued at nearly $30 million.

Now I understand why the today's Icelandic Government is in favor of the war in Irak and the massive use of weapons: because the weapons are made in aluminium!

Maybe the next Icelandic Government will include the CEO of Alcoa as Minister of Foreign Affairs, the CEO of Alcan as Minister of Education and Culture. (Landsvirkjun already has the Ministry of Industry & Economy, and also the one of Finance and Environment).

It would be similar situation to some countries of Central America, where managers of multinational companies are also members of parliament.

I believe that if Jón Sigurðsson would be alive, he would die with an heart attak to see how the today's leaders have made Iceland totally loose its independence..

þriðjudagur, desember 06, 2005

Lack of Ethics in Iceland. Answer to a comment

An Icelandic friend of mine left a comment to my previous post.
She speaks a dosen of languages and posted the comment in Italian (because I am Italian) on the post that was arguing on the lack of ethics in Iceland, due to the CIA airplanes landed in Iceland 30 times, said to transport "terrorists" who knows from or towards which country.

She wroted: "talk for your own country!! It came out that there are more CIA planes landed in Italy than in Iceland. And it seems there are also American prisons hidden in your home country.. uhmmm"

This is my reply:

I talk for myself, and for my country, therefore I talk about Iceland.

Italy is a country in which the CIA is even allowed to kidnap people... I don't want to imagin how many illigal CIA airplanes have been landed in Italy and what they were carrying.

I talk about Iceland because I live in Iceland and my children will grow up here.

With the previous post I was just pointing out that the "clean, immaculate, innocent Iceland" does not exist.. every country seems to be the same.. unfortunately..

My previous post was an invitation to think on this problems, and not closing our eyes. I would like to go beyond the "we are better then you".
Let's ask to ourselves how far we want this situation to go. For how long the International Law and the Human Rights can be violated by a secret police of a single state.

Can they really do whatever they want wherever they want?
Even to torture and to imprison SUSPECTED criminals? What if they take by mistake a friend of yours or even your boyfriend? How can he defend himself if there is NO LAW!!

Besides, those illegal and secret flights could carry ANYTHING, and we don't know.
They could smugle radiactive waste for nuclear weapoons. These planes can be used to to arm African regimes, or they could transport heavy drug from Afganistan that suddenly increased again its opium production since it has been occupied by the Americans (drug production decreased during the Talibam regime because considered against God's will).

From the American CIA, which in the 1980s was arming, financing and training Bin Laden's Al Quaeda against the Soviet Union's invasion of Afganistan, we can expect anything. And I mean ANYTHING and even worse that that.

And we, Italian or Icelandic, today are letting them to do anything, by cleaning our conscience with pointing at those countries who are worse then ours..

fimmtudagur, nóvember 17, 2005

Lack of Ethic in Iceland - What Can be done?

I just see what happened in the last week about the CIA prison-planes full of alleged terrorists to be tortured or even tortured on the planes, that means even on Icelandic land: the spokesman of our Minister of Foreign affairs Geir H. Haarde declared to the Parliament that the Government is not aware of these facts.. and exactly in that moment it was happaning again.. anonther plane with people arrested and tortured without any trial was landing at the airport of Reykjavik (not even at the Nato Base!)

The trick to "fall from the moon" is widely used in politics.
What is sad is that nobody dares to tell to our Ministers: if you declare that you don't know about it, either you are trying to trick your citizens or
you are completely unfit to your role. Either ways you should
resign the mandate and leave your seat to a more competent person.

In law studies the rule number one is that "law ignorance is
not an excuse". Every citizen are oblidged to know what is
lawful and what is not.

An official, especially when he represents the citizens cannot
hide himself behind ignorance.

The Ministry of Foreign affairs since the war in Irak began was covered by three persons: Halldór Ásgrímsson, Davið Oddsson and Geir H. Haarde.

These people either have betraied their own citizens by hiding their involvment in breaking International Laws for Human Rights, or by having been unaware of what was and still is happening on the Icelandic land, have been and are totally unfit to cover institutional roles.

But the questions are: will the Icelandic citizen accept this situation? And if not what it can be done to let Governments follow the State Constitution and behave ethically and in accordance of the citizens' will?

If there are any Icelandic lawyer online, I really wish that some action will be taken to stop this unacceptable and quite disgusting situation.

miðvikudagur, nóvember 16, 2005

The Bridge over Messina Strait is in the target of Mafia

Report from police investigation

Rome – The Bridge over the strait of Messina that would connect Sicily to the rest of Italy is the main target of the Mafia criminal organisations.
To awake big preoccupation is the semestral report on the activities of the DIA, the Investigative Department Against Mafia, presented by the Minister of Internal Affairs Giuseppe Pisanu at the Parliament.

The 99 pages report is clear in its content, and denounce that “the difficulties to reconstruct integrally the internal contrasts within the Mafia organisation do not stop ‘Cosa Nostra’ to keep on contaminating the economic and entrepreneurial environment” that is , on the contrary, even more focusing on “strengthening its invasive network with actions that are trying to interfere also on the construction of big public strategical infrastructures, as for example, the bridge of the Strait of Messina".

The ‘DIA’ observes that the penetration in the contracts’ allocation system and public call of tenders "represents a moment of big interest for the criminal organisations active in Sicily and in other Italian regions”. The mafia clans are attracted by the huge public investments and, considered the high technical level of these constructions, "they tend to give managerial and high responsibility roles to the mafia-men who have high multi-disciliplinar education, professionals well trained and qualified"
(4 November 2005).


Draw your conlcusions knowing that:

Impregilo won the call of tenders, becoming the general
contractor of 4 billions euros for the bridge over Messina
(See news, 12 october 2005)

Impregilo’s former president Paolo Savona, was recorded talking to Carlo Pelanda, a good friend of Marcello Dell’Utri, MP of Forza Italia, inquired and incriminated several times for its connection with the Mafia, who said that Impregilo was going to win the contract for the construction of the bridge over Messina Strait. The discussion was recorded by police investigators before the call of tenders took place.
(See news, 03 November 2005)

The MP Dell’Utri denies everything, even to know who
Impregilo’s president is.
(See news, 03 November 2005)

The Italian court of justice wants to acquire the tapes and Impregilo becomes a political case. The conversation between Paolo Savona and the economist Carlo Pelanda, who confirmed the acquisition of the general contract before the call of tenders actually took place.
(See news, 3 November 2005 )

EU is trialling the construction of the bridge considering it a huge environmental disaster and violating the article Nr. 3 of the European Directive 93/9.
(See news, 25 October 2005)

An inquiry on the construction of the bridge over the Strait
of Messina found out that the Environmental impact assessments
were false.
(See news, 7. April 2005)

Useful older News:

Last 25 November 2004 Impregilo registered -37% on the stock market. Its controller company Gemina lost 7%. The Magistrate Walter Mapelli si investigating on Impregilo’s real accounting, and financial transitions which seems to hide a “whole” of 295 million euros during the year 2003. Impregilo needed to show it’s financial robustness in order to get new loans from the banks.
(See news, 25 November 2004)

Fibe, a company owned by Impregilo is involved in a scandal in the region Campania (Napoli). The company is operating the waste disposal of the region but the criminal organisations of the region called Camorra (as dangerous and powerful as Mafia) is controlling the illegal waste disposal business. The report called EcoMafia 2003 denounce the situation.
(See news, 24 March 2004)

Impregilo management declares its intention and availability
to participate of the reconstruction of Iraq.
(See news, 10 April 2003)

Impregilo’s managers arrested and fugitives after the police
began a mission in Sicily which stopped Mafia activities in the
illigal waste disposal sector. 46 people arrested among local
private managers, and public officials. The crimes contested
are: corruption and affiliation with Mafia.
(See news, 7 July 1998)


Personal comment:

As an Italian citizen I'm ashamed of Impregilo's conduct.
Mafia was born in Italy 150 years ago, and it is still alive and kicking. Mafia it is not only in movies. Thousands of people died and many thousands are still suffering because of criminal organisations which survive thanks to their business with corrupted companies and politicians.

These criminal organisations gets money from the construction sector, in which are widely involved, in order to invest them in illegal weapons business, heavy drugs, prostitution, illegal immigration, and even business with terrorist groups. Moreover Mafia controls the economic activities in Southern Italy where who runs a business has to give part of his incomes to Mafia in order to get its "protection". If someone disagrees, put his and his family's life in serious danger.

Politicians, companies and even citizens who somehow help Mafia are actively and morally responsible of these crimes.

Icelanders should be ashamed for the rest of their lives to have welcomed Impregilo to Iceland, knowing in advance how behaves in Italy and how behaved in the rest of the world, in its work fields. Shame on you, you did not need it!


þriðjudagur, nóvember 08, 2005

This is the society we live in..

laugardagur, október 29, 2005

The prison industry in the United States: big business or a new form of slavary?

if they don’t like the pay of 25 cents an hour and refuse to work, they
are locked up in isolation cells. The prison industry complex is
one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States.

Prison workers supply 98% of the entire market for equipment assembly
services; 93% of paints and paintbrushes; 92% of stove assembly; 46% of
body armor; 36% of home appliances; 30% of
headphones/microphones/speakers; and 21% of office furniture.

Ninety-seven percent of 125,000 federal inmates have been convicted of
non-violent crimes. It is believed that more than half of the 623,000
inmates in municipal or county jails are innocent of the crimes they
are accused of. Of these, the majority are awaiting trial.
Two-thirds of the one million state prisoners have committed
non-violent offenses. Sixteen percent of the country’s 2 million
prisoners suffer from mental illness.

Read the whole story:

föstudagur, október 28, 2005

American Dream...

US Prison Population Keeps Growing
Posted on October 24, 2005 - 12:01pm

The total number of people incarcerated in the US grew to over 2.2
million in 2004. This and many other statistics about the US prison
population were released in October from the Bureau of Justice

Women are making up an increasing number of the people in prison. Women
made up 7% of the prison and jail population in 2004, growing at a rate
about double that of male prisoners. Women also represented one out of
every four people arrested in 2004. Since 1995, the total number of
women prisoners grew by 53%. The total number of men in prison grew by
32% during that same ten-year period.

The number of people incarcerated in private prisons or jails increased
in 2004 by 3.3%.

The report also notes that approximately 1 in 12 Black men in their
late 20's (ages 25-29) are in state or federal prison, a stark contrast
to the approximately 1 in 100 White men of the same age group who are
in prison, and the 1 in 40 Hispanic males in that age group in prison.

Source: These statistics and many others about crime, imprisonment, and
criminal victimization are compiled by the Bureau of Justice
Statistics. You can access the report “Prisoners in 2004” by clicking

fimmtudagur, september 01, 2005

Dear Katrina

My dear Katrina why did you do this to us?

What we, people from the United States, did to you? Nothing. We work, live and die as anyone else on earth. And, yes, you treat us as everyone else. No difference between us and those people in Thailand, Sri Lanka, India who died in December.

Our politicians declared that what you did to us has been as destructive as the nuclear bomb we dropped on Hiroshima or Nagasaki. The difference is that you are a natural event, while Hiroshima and Nagasaki were human cruelty, scientificly prepared to kill normal people, harmless children in enormous number, to test new weapons of mass destruction, to analyse their impact. That's quite a bit different from a tzunami or a hurricane.

Katrina, I don't like what you did to us. We look so human now, not a superpower anymore. You showed to the whole world that we die like anyone else. But also this is not quite the same. Here in our country is even worse. Violence and robbery in our destroyed lands and homes are worse as in any other country.
People are more in panic as in any other country.. You showed clearly where our weakness lay.

The water you have violently thrown over our land and our lives showed once again something that gives me relief: the solidarity of dozens of countries to help the most powerful state in the world. Even those countries that are much poorer than us are sending their aid to USA.
I am so grateful for this.. it helps a lot practically but especially psychologically. I thought we would not need any help from other countries since we are the world's biggest superpower... but it's clear that we need help.

My country spends billions of dollars every year in the military infrastructure. We have hundred of thousands of soldiers, helicopters, anphib trucks, airplanes, the Navy, the most sophisticated military technology. We go in every corner of the world to bring democracy, that means to build societies similar to mine where my culture and the products of our companies could be exported.
With this tragedy you suddenly let us experience that our military force is not made for helping people in need, not even when those people are citizens of United States of America.

I was expecting a mobilitization of all the military force available. I was expecting 100.000 marines coming to rescue us, still laying and starving on the roofs of our houses. We make signals with our pocket lights, waiting for help.. but only few of our 10.000 helicopters are coming to save us.
I am asking to myself why.. ..and I cannot find yet the answer.. why our soldiers are in Irak by thousands and why they are only few of them here?

Katrina you are gone now. Beside taking away our lives, you are making the survivors begin to think.. and to wonder.. We are the most powerful country on earth.. what for? My country let me die on the roof of my destroyed house.. what the US Army was made for, if not for saving our lives?

Katrina, you blew over our brain tragic questions which answers are even more destructive than your wind..

sunnudagur, maí 15, 2005

Where were we? And Where are we going?

Five years ago, the USA, Canada, Russia, and other 31 European States have ratified an important agreement for reducing air pollution, because of big concerns on "critical loads of acidification, critical loads of nutrient nitrogen and critical levels of ozone for human health and vegetation" that are still exceeding in many areas of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe's region, USA and Canada, and for concerns by the fact "that emitted nitrogen oxides, sulphur and volatile organic compounds, as well as secondary pollutants such as ozone and the reaction products of ammonia, are transported in the atmosphere over long distances and may have adverse trans-boundary effects".

The Air Pollution Protocol takes effect on 17 May 2005, that is tomorrow, in the following countries: Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America.

The question is: where was Iceland when the present Protocol have been signed at Gothenburg on 30 November 1999, and at United Nations Headquarters in New York the 30 May 2000? Why Iceland did not signed it?

The European Union is planning to produce 10,38Kg of SO2 per person for year 2010, while Iceland by then is willing to produce 67Kg of SO2 per person.
That is 6 times more than the EU level!

Where are we going? What are we doing to our country and our own health

Everyone knows the answers to the above questions: we are going too far, we are destroying our environment and our health. We do so for chasing the same old fashioned and stupid path of economic development, through aluminum smelters.

We give to foreign multinationals not only our natural resources at the cheapest price and almost tax-free, but we give away also our health, the environment we live in, our image of umpolluted island and our dignity. These are priceless values and we give them away for free.

I find it is terribly stupid because this is a risky business, that gives very little incomes and few new jobs compared to the investments.
Besides the foreign debt created by this business is higher then the GDP rate given by it, and because by keeping on this path Iceland does not have the opportunity to develop economically and socially in alternative ways.

Air Pollution Protocol document:

Open Letter to the Minister of Einvironment:

Emission of sulphur (x1000 tonnes of SO2/year)

Emission levels 1990

Emission planned for 2010

% emission 2010

European Union